Our Vision

To influence complex global business environment with top class legal acumen enabling our Clients to make a difference, maintain their leadership position, to enable them to be a game changer for their business.

Our History

Khare Legal Chambers LLP (KLC) was founded by Abhishek Khare (an alumnus of University of Oxford and Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India) twelve (12) years ago on 01 September 2007. Then a young & aspiring 28-year-old lawyer, Abhishek, with his exceptional academic track record and global exposure, always envisioned KLC to lead its genre of Law Firms by establishing a practice & sector focussed and research driven international law firm delivering world class services to its eminent clientele representing both domestic & international markets. Abhishek is keeping up with the family tradition of being in the legal profession. The Khare family is one of the most prominent families of India with legal practice running in their family since 1888. The family has a very profound lineage of several legal luminaries such as Ganga Prasad Khare and Durga Charan Singh Khare.

Our Philosophy

Central to our ethos, our approach to our practice is our philosophy of the '5 Cs', that is:


We help corporate organisation work smarter in a competitive environment. We intend to be the catalyst in building effective organisation, reduce costs, manage risk, and leverage talent.

Our Growth Story