Our Approach

Simple, practical, implementable solutions to complex business environment. That's what we do, and that's what we continually aspire for. We provide simplified, practical and implementable solutions to complex legal issues which arise from complex business issues. Solutions which are aligned to your business interests and integrated to your core values. We have come this far due to our passion and commitment towards enabling our clients gain a leadership position in their respective industry segments.

By this, we intend to be one of the factors to help our clients achieve, consolidate and retain their leadership position in their respective businesses. We believe that we are an “investment” for our clients rather than a “cost”, that is how we define SUCCESS.

It is our belief that companies must invest in experts who can guide them in conducting the business in a pragmatic manner which helps the business in improving their bottom line. Involving legal experts in decision making is a “must have” characteristic of any company for effective risk mitigation and to consolidate growth.

Partner Driven

As a firm, we are heavily Partner driven with one of the lowest Partner to Associate ratio of 1:1 to 1:2 at best. This is to ensure that every bit of work is worked upon by the Partner and the required eye for detail & expertise are made available. At KLC, we focus more on qualitative strength, we measure our team more on “brain count” than “head count”. Our Leaders lead from front and commitment to the growth of our clients.

What differentiates us?

How do we do this

Nurturing relationship

By building & nurturing every relationship. We listen with interest to understand. Our team spends time to delve into business intricacies to attain an in depth understanding and nuances which impact our Client’s decision making.

We help them take their business decisions, rather than just lay down various dimensions and options. This enables us to create long lasting value for them, which drives business decisions – benefits of which is realized and reaped for many years to come. We believe every legal solution must make business sense for it to be successful. We do not believe in theoretical legal solution but a legal business remedy coupled with effective STRATEGY.

GLOCAL Delivery

KLC has grown over the years to develop its unique GLOCAL (Globally Relevant & Locally Effective) delivery strengths where KLC is helping both its large & upcoming Domestic as well as Global Clients to leverage from its unique delivery capabilities which not just inspired by some of the best global practices & expertise but also equally effective when applied locally. We, at KLC, firmly believe that most successful businesses grow on scale exponentially but sustain because they adapt & cater to the local needs very effectively.

Their belief in us

We are here because of our Clients!!

Our Clients have shown belief in our expertise, making us one of the fastest growing law firms in India. Their confidence in us has helped us to service Fortune 10, 100 and 500 companies, along with many leading Indian large and medium sized corporate, high net worth individuals and private clients.