KLC was envisioned by its Founder with Research as its core. Led by the Founder & its Leadership, KLC members invest extensive time, efforts & resources to keep themselves updated not in respective areas of law practice but also domestic & international sectoral developments, technological advancements and socio-economic political nerves of designated jurisdictions. KCL has always kept its research strength to be the cornerstone of our practice development. Today, research is fully ingrained in the firm’s culture code & practice.

KLC’s thought leadership is heavily involved research in various areas of law and public policy. KLC considers its research strength to be the intellectual asset on which it leverages not only its own growth but also provide a massive impetus to the growth trajectory of its clients. Fostering creative thinking, solution based orientation, evolution of new approaches, upskilling & cross skilling, enhancement of delivery strength and deliberations on jurisprudence; KLC has reaped many benefits for itself, its team and its client over the decade with investing in Research. Over time, we have embedded a research culture backed by research based learning processes that empowered us with cutting edge capabilities & capacity in delivering best quality advices and services to our clients, to our fraternity and to the community at large.

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