Regulatory & Policy Advisory


The newly elected government in India has gone considerable lengths and made significant efforts towards increasing the ease of doing business in the country, there are still a multitude of regulations that need to be observed and complied with. One of the major complaints of entrepreneurs are the ambiguous laws and regulatory issues in the country. That’s where we come in.

We firmly believe in order for an endeavour to be successful, it is important to focus on the endeavour itself and not spend time dealing with the regulatory hassles plaguing almost every industry. Our expertise at ensuring compliance with every regulation helps us successfully provide our clients with an action plan for risk assessment and mitigation. Our methodical and innovative approach to dealing with issues ensures complete protection for our clients and reduces their liability to the smallest degree possible.

These Regulatory issues tend to crop up mainly in, inter alia, the Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Energy and Anti-Trust Sectors. We are known for our practical approach to handling these matters and have represented our clients’ interests in a number of intricate and complex matters.

Our vast experience in the stated field is evidenced by the multitude of cases involving regulatory issues handled by our firm in the various Industry segments we have worked in.


For information regarding our experience in this field, please see the associated fields of Energy, Infrastructure and Banking.