Know Us

Our Vision

To influence complex global business environment with top class legal acumen enabling our Clients to make a difference, maintain their leadership position, to enable them to be a game changer for their business... Read More..

History and Foundation

Khare Legal Chambers LLP (KLC) was founded by Abhishek Khare (an alumnus of University Of Oxford and Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India) twelve (12) years ago on 01 September 2007. Then a young & aspiring 28-year-old lawyer... Read More..

Our Philosophy

Central to our ethos, our approach to our practice is our philosophy of the '5 Cs', that is: Clients | Communication | Creativity | Costs | Consistency We help corporate organisation work smarter in a competitive environment. We intend to be the catalyst in building effective organisation.... Read More..

Our Growth Story

KLC members are always humbled by the respect they have earned from their ever-growing roaster of eminent clients since inception. Matters on which KLC got instructed ranged from Competition law, Shipping, Energy, EPC & Infrastructure, Corporate ... Read More..

Why Us?

Simple, practical, implementable solutions to complex business environment. That's what we do, and that's what we continually aspire for. We provide simplified, practical and implementable solutions to complex legal issues which arise from complex business issues. Solutions which are aligned to your business interests and integrated to your core values. We have come this far due to our passion and commitment towards enabling our clients gain a leadership position in their respective industry segments.

By this, we intend to be one of the factors to help our clients achieve, consolidate and retain their leadership position in their respective businesses. We believe that we are an “investment” for our clients rather...

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KLC Practice Areas


Anti-Trust & Competition Laws

Competition Commission of India (“CCI”) is aggressive and assertive in its enforcement outlook ... Read More..


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

One should choose his own battles: with whom, where, why, how, at and to what level, fight to what extent. ... Read More..


Corporate Commercial

India has a new Companies Act, (the Companies Act, 2013) which brings a fresh perspective and is in keeping with times. ... Read More..


White Collar Crime

When crime gets creative, its vision clouded with greed; it’s your robust systems and procedures which is the answer to nail it. ... Read More..


Regulatory & Policy Advisory

The newly elected government in India has gone and made significant efforts towards increasing the ease of doing ... Read More..



Goods and Service Tax is undeniably the biggest indirect tax reform in India after the Independence and a rare milestone in terms of constitutional amendments ... Read More..