BFSI (Banking, Finance & Securities)


The multitude of reforms undergone by the Banking system in India in recent times have been a major reason for the upturn in the economy and are making India’s future prospects seem brighter than ever. Since most of the country’s banks are state owned, they play a significantly larger role in the economy. The Banks are responsible for the credit needs of all sections of the economy, money lending etc. They provide the financing and support for Industrial Sector projects and bank guarantees in EPC contracts. The Reserve Bank of India is further responsible for interest rate cuts and hikes, and control the pricing of a number of essential commodities.

This position of paramount importance in the economy occupied by banks makes dealing with them necessary for almost all aspects of life and business. Thus, it is inevitable that disputes arise with alarming frequency in Banking and its associated fields and they are required to be dealt with in an intelligent and precise manner, especially on account of the issues arising out of a number of different regulations and under the purview of a number of courts including consumer forums, the Debt Recovery Tribunal, Lok adalats etc.

We have years of experience in dealing with matters involving the Banking and Financial Sector. Our expertise makes us uniquely positioned to help guide our clients through the plethora of rules and regulations governing this sector and meeting our client’s requirements, whatever they may be. We are representing both Banks and individuals in their claims against Banks. We have handled/are handling, inter alia, cases falling under the following heads:

  • Debt Recovery
  • Risk Management
  • Security against loans
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Compliance issues
  • Asset Finance and Insurance
  • Capital Funds
  • Securitization


  • Advising a leading financial institution on 6 strategic joint ventures for their client in manufacturing sector
  • Advising a leading foods company on their alternate investment fund issues for over Rs. 1200 crores
  • Advising on external commercial borrowings, debt and equity project financing, tax structuring, regulatory issues, land acquisition and all related aspects
  • Appearing in various securities matters in SAT and other fora. Appear regularly for stock exchange arbitrations
  • Appearing as counsel in various Company Petitions relating to winding ups, corporate governance, share holders agreement disputes, etc.
  • Acting as counsels and Advisors for Credit Information company where the approximate claim is of Rs. 1,300 crores
  • Representing a small Hydro generator for their open access and banking facility issues
  • Acted as sole advisor for private equity transactions of Rs.781 million infused by a State Utility in its project for expansion of power plant
  • Acting as advisor and Counsel for a yarn Mill for their derivatives transaction dispute
  • Acting for various banks and financial institutions for their high value loan securitization
  • Advising Corporates for derivates, F & O transactions
  • Advising Corporates for working capital enhancement facilities
  • Advising a leading financial institution on 6 strategic joint ventures for their client in manufacturing sector
  • Advised a PSU bank on their issues relating to blocked funds in a Letter of Credit due to USA’s embargo on Iran banks. Advised on several complicated issues concerning UCP 600
    Advising funds on securitization and securitized financial products
  • Acting as advisors and counsel for various companies issues involving financial and securities scam of about Rs. 7,000 Crores (approx.US$ 2.5 billion)
  • Acting as advisors and counsels for banks and financial institutions for securitization, recovering / restructuring of debts