Shipping is considered one of the major industry segments in India. The laws governing the Admiralty sector are complex and tend to cause a significant amount of confusion on account of the ships being governed by a variety of legislations due to their movement through international waters and different ports around the world.

Maritime Law is recognized as one of the more complicated areas of law. It is both, labour and time intensive and requires a certain standard of competence. The lawyers at our firm have a deep rooted understanding of all matters pertaining to the field of Admiralty, borne out of years of intensive experience.

Our expansive knowledge base has made us one of the premiere law firms for all matters falling under this category of law and our continuing efforts in the field keep us up to date with the latest laws and regulations governing maritime activities, thus ensuring we can provide you with the best advice on how to proceed in any question that may arise in relation to Maritime Laws.

Our firm has seen a high level of success in resolving maritime disputes and securing the best possible outcome for our clients. The major issues we have dealt with in the field pertain primarily to:

  • Arrest and Sale of Vessels operating in Indian Territorial Waters
  • Resolving seamen’s issues, for instance the non-payment of wages , poor working conditions etc. for both, Indian and foreign nationals employed on ships
  • Drafting all legal documents and agreements in the industry, including, but not limited to, charter party agreements, bare boat agreements etc.
  • Appearing in Arbitrations on behalf of our clients where the manner of dispute resolution was decided as being by reference to an Arbitrator/ Arbitral Tribunal.
  • Suppliers Claims ( Agreements for supply of food, water and other essential commodities and disputes relating to the same)
  • Port Regulations and Taxation
  • Financing and Mortgage of Ships
  • The Incorporation and handling of Offshore companies


  • Advising and acting for off-shore construction companies for their commercial disputes, technical claims, commercial claim arbitration and litigation arising from such actions.
  • Acting for an off-shore construction company against ONGC where arbitral award hasn’t been passed for 17 years. 'The matter is presently being heard by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. From arbitration procedural case, the case has now become one of constitutional importance involving questions i.e. legitimate expectation, right to justice, right to life due to denial of justice etc.
  • Appeared for one of the largest container terminal in India for their issues concerning their status as an Export Oriented Unit